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Fifty Shades of Grey: Why We’re Not Cool With It And Why You Shouldn’t Be Either

Recently, the official trailer for the upcoming film based on the best-selling book Fifty Shades of Grey was released.

One day and almost 7 million views later, the trailer, and the book-turned-movie in general, is the hot topic of conversation all across the nation.

Some people are raving about it.

"Can’t wait for Fifty Shades of Grey," said one Twitter user.
"Idk about you but I’m pumped for Fifty Shades of Grey and I don’t care who knows it…" read another.

And finally, one girl tweeted, “I advise every boy to watch fifty shades of grey, not for the story line but for the skills Christian Grey carries.”

And that’s the fan base of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Then there’s other people, like us, who aren’t stoked at all because of what the story teaches and represents.

The mission of Fight the New Drug is to show people how harmful porn really is, in all of its forms. That being said, books and literature can most definitely be pornographic. Especially books like Fifty Shades of Grey that contain a high amount of highly explicit and graphic sexual content.
42% of male students and 20% of women said they regularly read romance novels, sexually explicit magazines, or regularly visited sexually explicit websites or chat rooms. Literature like Fifty Shades of Grey is referred to as erotica and can be just as harmful in warping ideas about sex and intimacy as pornographic videos and images are.

If you’re not totally familiar with Fifty Shades of Grey, here’s a quick rundown of why we are not cool with it. The storyline of the book, and now the upcoming big budget film, is entirely about a cold and sadistic millionaire and his seduction of a young, innocent girl into a world of sadomasochistic sexual perversion.

Now, if you don’t know what sadomasochism is, (commonly referred to as S&M), that’s good. We’re glad. But to help you understand just how sick this story is, we’ll tell you. It’s basically extreme acts of violence and abuse for sexual pleasure.

Gross right?


Even worse, that IS the story. There’s really no plot. There’s really no big surprise or big ending. It is just an entire book, and soon an entire movie, about a controlling and domineering man and his sick sexual relationship with an unsuspecting girl.
That’s the story of the book/film. But even worse than what it’s about, is what it teaches. What Fifty Shades of Grey promotes and comes across as giving acceptance to is definitely not okay.

Still need more info?

No problem.
It’s a popular opinion that the merit of any work, whether it be a book, painting, song, or film, relies on what it teaches. So in order to truly highlight Fifty Shades of Grey, we decided to come out with a nice little list of things that can be learned from this story.

1. If you’re good looking, rich, and successful, you can develop a violent sexual appetite and people will be okay with it.

Christian Grey, the main character in the book, is an incredibly wealthy and good looking guy. He has a mansion, flies around in a helicopter, and is the heartthrob of all the women he meets. Now, something tells us that if the main character was a slimy, homeless, ex-convict with a scraggly beard and missing teeth, people wouldn’t find this story arousing at all, but see it for the gross and deviant story that it is. Why are people so accepting of this dark and disturbing story just because the male character is supposed to be attractive and desirable?
2. Sex is completely for pleasure and all love/romance should be removed from the situation.

In the story, Christian makes women sign contracts that prevent them from ever speaking about what Christian does to them and completely gives him permission to do whatever he wants to them physically. Sound like a love story you want to read? Yeah, us neither.
3. Girls: If you hang around long enough and put up with a guy’s “issues”, eventually he might love you and change.

Anastasia, the main female character in the book, is a shy, reserved, and insecure student. She is even a virgin when she meets Christian. Throughout the book, Ana is exposed to his extremely deviant sexual desires and becomes the sole object of his desire. She is attracted to him and becomes charmed by all the lavish gifts that he provides her. She stays with him despite everything he does to her and becomes subject to his increasingly violent fantasies as he slowly guides her into accepting his disturbing behavior toward her. Fifty Shades of Grey teaches that girls are just helpless and fragile beings who will stick around for a man they find attractive. Would any of you girls stick around through all that? Didn’t think so.

4. Guys: You can do whatever you want to a girl and she’ll just take it.

Christian Grey is a womanizer and he uses his money and charm to keep Ana around and wanting to be with him. Despite the fact that he uses all sorts of disturbing methods to inflict pain on her for his own sick pleasure, nothing or no one stops him. Ana is still drawn to him and he is still drawn to her. He can do whatever he wants sexually to her and he knows that she will eventually be magnetized back to him. Any of you guys think it’s okay to treat a woman, or any other human being, like that? Didn’t think so.

5. If you put a lot of highly explicit sexual material into a story, people will make it a best seller and it will even be turned into a big budget Hollywood film.

Finally, we come back to the fact that this story was a best selling novel that is now being turned into a big budget Hollywood film. This beautiful and romantically heartwarming love story (*eye roll*) is the reason that millions and millions of dollars have been made by the author, publishing company, and now all the people associated with the film. Pretty hard to believe that a story entirely about a sadistic and violent sexual relationship has become so wildly popular.
So, we think it goes without saying that we will not be spending our leisure time reading about disturbing sexual fetishes or buying tickets to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie when it comes out.

We’re not cool with that. So we will keep Fighting against the twisted ideals and perceptions that pornographic material pushes into our society and we will be standing up for real love.

You with us?

If you are, share the image we made for this article! Save it and repost it to show people that you are not cool with Fifty Shades of Grey and what it teaches.







I’m laughing to cover up how dead I am inside.





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Just listen until the end, ok?

And then drown in feels.

(Listening with earphones/turning volume up will help)

I had to find this again

and listen to it

might be my favourite post ever

it’s so beautiful and heart-breaking and everything


im screaming because i listened to this all day today and i said “what if that song was used for this audio post” and iT WAS 


I’ve come to think of this piece as “The Sorrow of Loki” because it is a pretty heart-wrenching compilation. One evening recently, I got into a passionate discussion with a friend about why I felt that Odin should really take most of the blame for what happened not only in the Avengers, but in Thor, as well as TTDW. I attempted to explain the perfectly valid reasons for Loki’s rage and pain to my friend who just does NOT see past the, “He’s just an ungrateful emo brat,” thing. It might seem that way to someone who only sees the situation from one perspective and looks no deeper. I told my friend that, while I never said that Loki’s actions were justified, his rage and pain are. Loki is at his best when he is misdirecting people’s attentions. More often than not, anyone who runs into him takes him at face value, with the exception of Frigga. Loki’s mind is not like a bagful of cats so much as it’s a shark camouflaged by a bagful of cats. *edit: (that is to say that it never stops moving, because sharks can’t or they die, etc…anyway..)

My friend never even let me explain that all of Loki’s actions would inevitably lead him back to the path he took by the end of TTDW because Loki is always thinking ten steps ahead. Always. Even through torture and imprisonment a la Thanos, he planned and plotted. He seethes with rage. And that rage is justified. Only now he uses that pain and rage to fuel his ambitions and fill the gaping hole that Odin left by one minute telling him that he’s his son and the next reinforcing the idea that he’s a monster and he will never belong on Asgard. That he’ll never be one of them, and on that note, I have to pose a question:

Was Odin’s stealing the abandoned baby Loki an act of mercy, or cruelty? Odin must have known that it would be like spitting in Laufey’s face to steal his son, regardless of the fact that Loki had been left to die. While it may have on one hand seemed merciful to raise that child as an Asgardian without knowing his true heritage, it is made well known from the beginning of the first film that the Asgardian attitude toward just about anyone who wasn’t Asgardian is not a very healthy one. Thor and Loki were both raised viewing Jotuns as monsters, and indeed saw Jotuns as such. When Loki discovered that he was one of those monsters himself, it must have felt like the nine realms were collapsing under his feet. A man that he had loved, trusted, and revered as his father and had always tried to please, but had never been quite good enough tells him that he is only alive because he found him and stole him. Then Odin tells him that he was protecting him from the truth.

What truth? The truth that Odin hated what Loki was? The truth that regardless of Odin’s hatred of frost giants, he would use Loki as a chance to unite Jotunheim and Asgard, raise Loki with Asgardian beliefs, principles, and ideals so that child would become and Asgardian puppet in Jotunheim someday? The truth that Odin is not perfect and that he screwed up and did something he shouldn’t have? The truth that the All-Father is fallible? We know that Frigga loved Loki unconditionally, as if he was her own child, and she alone treated him that way, and Thor, while he loved his brother, still allowed his friends to tease Loki, and never really attempted to defend him either I imagine. Young Thor was too busy being impressed with himself to see that his little brother just wanted to be his equal. While Frigga may have treated both Thor and Loki equally, Odin certainly did not. However, all my friend can see is that Loki is just spoiled brat. Never mind the betrayal by his father and his mother (though in Frigga’s case, she genuinely did not want to hurt Loki and wanted to protect him from the truth that Odin was basically just keeping Loki around as a pawn.) I can see why Loki did what he did, i.e., killing Laufey, etc. He wanted acceptance. He wanted to have a little of the love that Thor got from Odin, but he was never going to get that, and you see that with two words from Odin at the end of the first film, “No, Loki.” Loki is a very lonely who belongs nowhere. I might say that in the end he just wants to belong somewhere, but he will always be an outsider looking in. My empathy for the character’s motivations, however, apparently made me “just a Loki fangirl” though, so what do I know?

Loki: “Am I cursed? What am I?”

Odin: “You’re my son.”

Loki: “You took me for a purpose. What was it? TELL ME!”

Odin: “I thought we could unite our kingdoms one day—through you. Those plans no longer matter.

Loki: “So I am no more than another stolen relic— locked up here until you might have use of me…”

Odin: “Why do you twist my words?”

Loki: “You could have told me what I was from the beginning. Why didn’t you?”

Odin: “I wanted to protect you from the truth.

Loki: “What? Because I-I-I’m the monster who parents tell their children about at night?! You know it all makes sense now…Why you favored Thor all these years. Because no matter how much you claimto love me, you could never have a frost giant sitting on the throne of Asgard!”


Frigga: “Loki, don’t make it worse.”

Loki: “Define worse.”


Odin: “All this because Loki desires a throne.”

Loki: “It is my birthright.”

Odin: “You’re birthright was to die as a child cast out onto a frozen rock!”


Frigga: “Your father—”

Loki: “He is NOT my father!”

Frigga: “Then am I not your mother?”

Loki: “You’re not…”

Frigga: “Always so perceptive about everyone but yourself…”


Thor: “I will tell father what you’ve done here today.”

Loki: “I didn’t do it for him.

Forget my essay and enjoy the music and feels, k? K.

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